News Tokens update

Dear member,

Some reminders !

If you have not yet received your News Tokens but have requested your gift or have requested it (as indicated in our July 2017 release), using the email [email protected] we are sorry to inform you that  we no longer process your News Token requests via this e-mail. See our note of August 1 and 9, 2017

There is now a button on your personal area for you to grasp your gift. You must fill in the appropriate field with your encrypted Waves address and click send.

If you have already sent your Waves encrypted address via this button on your personal area but have not yet received your News Tokens (whether you have emailed it or not), this may be due to one of the following reasons :

– The list is very large and we process the requests manually one by one in order of arrival. Thank you for your patience!

– Your account is not verified. Only users with verified accounts will receive their News Tokens gift.

– The Encrypted Waves address that you sent to us is incorrect. Do not transfer your encrypted Waves address, but copy-paste it from your Waves application to the button, thus avoiding many errors.

– You sent incorrect information instead of the encrypted address: username, e-mail, “Sequence”, home address, etc. ,,,.

The encrypted address is a series of 35 characters including digits and letters (uppercase and lowercase). This series begins with “3P ..” and is located on your application under “Account” just before connecting to your Waves platform or as “Address” once you are connected to your application.

If you do not have the button on your personal area, this can be for three reasons:

1.- Because you have already sent us your data using the button. When the data is sent once with the button, they disappear from your personal space. Please check on your Waves application.

2.- For a technical problem. The button may not appear because you have never had it. In this case, there may be a technical problem and you should contact us.

3.- Your account is inaccessible because it is not verified or voluntarily disabled by the company. In this case it will be necessary to wait for the final verification of your account.

Frequently asked question:

I have lost my password and I no longer have access to my Waves account?

You need to be very careful when creating your Wallet Waves and store the essential information to get  access back to your account.

When you registered your application, you had to secure a certain amount of information under the name “seed”

This information allows you to retrieve your account using the IMPORT function

To retrieve your Waves account, click this link:

Here is a very useful link, save it in your favorites

Download Wallet

If you have any questions, please contact us with the support for FAP and please use the email [email protected] if you are a member of TBS