FAP Novelties

Dear Members,

It’s been nearly once year since we made the decision to use the crypto-currency within Fort Ad Pays, which has allowed a stable running of the concept and the wallet2 option which is running satisfactorily.

While we are working on solutions for the Wallet1, we thought it advisable in the meantime to bring some novelties.

We will offer a new crypto pack which combines revshare and trading of crypto currencies.

From Tuesday, September 25th 2017 on, two packs will be available:

– The current pack at $10: it remains unchanged at 130% maturity with a variable rate between 0 and 1% per day and 50 credits advertising. Giving a 10% of wallet1 in packs by purchasing with wallet2.

This pack is paid every 30 minutes.

– A new $100 cryptopack with a maturity of 150% and a commission of 1% per day (this rate can be temporarily revised upwards or downwards depending on the results of trading) over 150 days with 500 credits of advertising.

This new cryptopack is paid one time a day.

For this new crypto pack, members will no longer be entitled to the 10% from the wallet1.

Now, when a member buys this crypto pack, 50% of the value of this pack will be processed to trade in crypto currencies and 50% are secured for transaction security.


From 25th September till October 9th midnight (Madrid time) , there will be a 15 days launch offer giving you a 10% from your wallet1 in crypto packs each time you purchase crypto packs with wallet2.

Ex: you have $2000 in your wallet1, you buy 10 crypto packs at $100, you will be credited with 11 crypto packs instead of 10 and your wallet1 will be charged with $100

Both packs are subject to purchasing with external funds.

Withdrawals will be available from Monday to Friday at between $ 10 and $ 2,000.

Level commissions changes as follows:

Level 1 = 5%

Level 2 = 2%

Level 3 to 5 = 1%

Members must have at least one active pack (one current $10 pack or one new $100 cryptopack) to be eligible for commissions.

For stability and sustainability purposes, the maximum number of packs per member will be up to $20,000 i.e 200 crypto packs at $100, so we think it is more advisable to limit earnings while ensuring sustainability.

The design of the site will evolve and a security option will be implemented with Authy or a 2factor authentication system for withdrawals.

We invite members to advertise in Fort Ad Pays with their advertising credits.

There will be no change for the presentations held in other languages, (for the French members additional information will be communicated soon)

We thank you for your confidence and wish you success with this new formula.

The Management