Due to different adverse business circumstances of great importance, the management of Fort Ad Pays proposes a turnaround to the business to give a positive response to all the balance sheets of associate members. All commissions for the packs will be matured, no more shared commission packages will be sold and it is proposed, as an option, as the first solution for wallets 1 and 2, to be able to withdraw the balance by means of a 1 to 1 change with the cryptomoneda Newstoken (as of November), with acceptance of some terms and conditions.
This is a first proposal, but the company is working on more alternative solutions that are satisfactory for partners and collaborators. Newstoken is being strengthened to achieve its increase in value, and other crypto-coin projects are being worked on to provide the fastest possible solutions to the balance sheets.
As indicated at the beginning, these proposals are optional and more solutions are being studied. This is to give confidence to partners and collaborators that the company is studying solutions for the satisfaction of all. We all have an interest in getting the right direction in the company. If the company was not able to continue, it would not seek solutions to respond to the trust deposited and closed the web. But this is not contemplated. On the contrary, we study all the alternatives that allow us to continue with the objective, to the satisfaction of all.
We are convinced that with tenacity, we will achieve the goal of meeting the initial objectives set: that customers can use the effective advertising they buy and the commercials can collect the commissions obtained that, although not guaranteed in our terms and conditions, make it effective as soon as possible, because we appreciate the efforts of so many members who have helped us to prosper an online business for almost 3 years.
Big problems and challenges require novel solutions and great opportunities. The current situation represents a great opportunity to participate in the increasingly consolidated world of the criptomonedas. For this reason we created, to help the training of people in this area, basic and crucial in internet business of the present and future. We recommend you to be attentive to Newstoken and its value quotation, which you can see at Newstoken quotes against bitcoin within Waves’ decentralized exchange.
Thank you for your effort and understanding.
The direction