Inaccurate information is being shared in social networks and media. The company wants to step out of it and communicates the following:

 1) FORT AD PAYS is a Company whose business is the advertising marketing. Users, individuals and legal entities buy advertising space. In addition, FORT AD PAYS offers to the advertising space buyers the possibility to collaborate in business through the intermediary in the sale of advertising space to third parties. This sale generates a commission for that customer. This option is a corporate policy of sustained growth and perfectly valid and sustainable for the affiliates which are paid through timely commission, weaving thus a network of partners-brokers who sell the product of the company and ensures the business growth.

2) FORT AD PAYS is not an investment fund and do not provide any return to investors. He has never presented that way, and if bad information from a partner has been done and has generated the currently uncertain, it is wrong and contrary to company policy information.

3) FORT AD PAYS works primarily with US Banks. Iron discipline of the US regulations on banking matters made responsible our firm for some buyers of advertising packages that could be suspicious of non-transparent activities and movements of important capital. Controls done by fraud policy, capital flight and illegal activities made banking operators to suspend the operational management because they are unable to verify the origin of capital movements for some buyers. This has significantly affected the business operations of FORT AD PAYS, which is being resolved as indicated below.

4) FORT AD PAYS is part of the business group composed by different companies with capital and international projection. The group participates in various business sectors such as real estate, banking, mobile applications, advertising platforms and more. It has economic solvency and equity that ensures business response to all its customers. The group has a corporate policy that guarantees the success of all the companies that are part of it. Opinions are quite uncertain and publications of fraud and insolvency too. All this slanderous campaign reflects hidden interests by some people with vested interests to sink the business group for the power and growth to steal our market. It is an unworthy maneuver, it is being studied by our legal advisors to take appropriate action against those responsible.

5) In its corporate policy of growth, FORT GROUP almost has finalized all legal permits wo work with their own bank which will operate with greater dynamism in the daily management of the companies that form. Legal authorities are putting the final permits for the bank: BANK INC FORT to be imminently operational in August or September of this year 2016. This solvency and strength of Fort GROUP, which will have its own bank with all international legal permits for its operations is expressed. No group is insolvent or fraud and can give that answer. It has full guarantee of funds and economic capacity to control and permission of the relevant banking authorities. By operating this bank, all legal measures to avoid buying advertising packages by “investors” with money of unverified origin will be adopted with the banking regulations on combating money laundering.

6) We reiterate our customers that they can trust in FORT AD PAYS and the group which it is part. Against false accusations and negative opinions expressed in forums and media, the company does not answer to such attacks by the same means entering a sterile and absurd dynamic that only hurts the company and benefits those who falsely accuse protected by the anonymity. These slanders actually concern dark personal interests. It has become custom to our legal advisers to study these attacks individually, and in response thereto this general statement is issued to inform all good customers who trust our company. The legal advisors of the company individually and deal with the slanders and libels published irresponsibly without any basis and formulate legal action against those responsible for debugging your responsibility whether natural or legal persons.


We appreciate your confidence in FORT AD PAYS and the business group that supports it.


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