Dear Partners,

We are pleased to inform you that the Fort Group has launched a new project called “NewsToken.net”.  It is a website presenting information about bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.

Alongside this website we have also created a new cryptocurrency, or token, called NEWSTOKEN.

NEWS TOKEN is a cryptocurrency hosted in Waves’ Blockchain.

To thank our partners for their continued trust and commitment to the company, the Group will offer this new cryptocurrency for free to those members interested in acquiring it.

They will receive 1 NEWS TOKEN for each US$ in their WALLET1.

For example, if you have $5,000USD on your FAP account, you will receive 5,000 NEWS TOKENS.


Deadline to access this offer is October 31st, 2017


This offer is a GIFT and your current Wallet1 will not disappear.


It does not apply to Wallet2


All the necessary information concerning this crypto-currency are available by clicking on the following link: http://newstoken.net (in Spanish.)

If you are interested in receiving these NEWS TOKENS, just follow these steps:

  1. Create an account at Waves https://wavesplatform.com/downloads.html (you need to download the application). You can watch a video tutorial in the following link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BST1LmSWdF0
  2. The “Waves” platform is associated with a wallet that is similar to a Bitcoin wallet. An encrypted address will be generated when you create your wallet from your computer or mobile. You will need to send it to the Company so that NEWS TOKENS can be transferred onto your Waves´ Wallet. (For android you will find this address once inside your Waves’ account, on the top left, selecting the 3 row square. Under the Waves’ logo you will see it. That’s the address you’ll need to send us. For now, there is no App available for Apple products ).
  3. Once your Waves account is activated (when the encrypted address is generated), please mailto: [email protected] the following information:

a) Screenshot of your “Fort Ad Pays” (FAP) personal account showing your name and surname, username and your wallet1 balance.

b) The number (or encrypted address) of your Waves wallet (see point 2 for instructions of where to locate this address).

c) Copy of your ID – up to date – (Passport or National Identity card)

d) Please note that you will not receive your NEWS TOKENS immediately on your Wallet Waves. The amount will be transferred manually, after a thoroughly review of your FAP account, which will take time. For this reason, we thank you for not overloading the company’s mailbox with inquiries regarding the status of your News Token deposit. They will not be answered.

To take under consideration:

You may, at your convenience, sell these NEWS TOKENS on the exchange market located on the Waves site, where this crypto-currency is currently listed. For this, you will need some “Waves Mother Currencies”. You will find all the explanations on the site newstoken.net.

For now, we recommend that you do not sell them but rather wait for them to acquire more value. It is up to you to evaluate the best time to make your sale. The goal is for each NEWS TOKEN to be rated between $1US and $3US.

This way, this gift will be much more appreciated as it will have gain value with time.

We send you our best regards and thank you for your renewed confidence.


The Fort Group


NB: The translation of the site Newtoken.net in English is in progress, thank you for your patience, in the meantime, please use the Google translator.